The History of
Leadership Management

In 1966, Texas entrepreneur Paul J. Meyer founded Leadership Motivation, Inc. LMI  
was originally designed as a sales division for marketing management and leadership development programs.

By 1970, Meyer's products were permanent fixtures in the personal and management development marketplace. LMI - now Leadership Management, Inc. - grew at a rapid pace. LMI CEO Randy Slechta and other company executives discerned the marketplace need for a comprehensive leadership development process, including a common sense approach to organizational planning and a new focus on effective, ethical leadership.

LMI's process development specialists set about developing a complete solution to leadership development. The result is the unique LMI Total Leader Solution .

The LMI Process itself created a paradigm shift which moved LMI to the center of the organizational development and organizational planning marketplace. Today, LMI's aim is to develop effective leaders and organizations through the implementation of a unique process. As the LMI concept has spread worldwide, LMI processes and materials are now translated into more that 23 languages, and marketed in more than 60 countries around the globe.

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Some of Our LMI Offices Across the USA

Cincinnati, OH - John Kieffer - The Results Group

Toledo, OH - Bryce and Judy Harbaugh - Midwest Management Systems

Duncan, South Carolina - Nancy Eichstadt - The Carolina Group

Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas - Joe Paul - LMI Dallas/Ft. Worth

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania - Kent Frese - TeamLMI

Washington DC - Edwards Holliday - Atlantic Leadership Group

Chicago, IL - Ray Stuckley - LMI Chicago

Pompano Beach, FL - Eric Lewine - LMI Performance

San Diego, CA - Don Sando - Strategic Results Group

Palatine, ILMike Patterson - On Leadership


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