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Assessment / Survey Leading to Awareness

Most organizations understand that effective management and deployment of assets can mean the difference between success and failure. But many organizations fail to consider their most critical asset human capital.

A recent study by McKinsey & Company revealed that "A" performers tend to be 50-100% more productive than "C" performers. Clearly, identifying those with the potential for "A" performance can enhance an organizations performance. So, how does an employer identify outstanding potential, and once identified, how does an employer retain and continue to development that potential?

Testing and Survey tools have long been an effective, yet underutilized, tool to help employers make the most of their human capital. As part of our Strategic Development Process, LMI offers awareness tools via assessment and survey instruments that enhance performance.

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New Hire Selection Assessments

Hiring the right person to fit the right job is critical to the success of an organization. Testing a candidate to insure fit to job gives companies confidence they are hiring an "A" performer and saves them thousands of dollars in future loses. In addition to choosing an “A” performer, testing applicants provides other important benefits:

  • A truly objective analysis of an applicant
  • Behaviorally oriented questions to provide guidance in an interview
  • Insight as to how to best manage an employee to get productive performance faster
  • Development suggestions to help the applicant improve performance
  • Evidence of due diligence in the event of litigation

Development / Promotion Assessments

To effectively manage people, an organization should have as much information as possible. Unfortunately, the management process is too often clouded by subjectivity and incomplete information to be as effective as it could be. Testing identifies the best method to develop a company’s bench strength and develop key contributors.

360° Feedback Surveys

Gaining insight into a manager’s perceived leadership helps understand their strengths and development needs. The survey helps facilitate the individual growth and progress and as a result increase their effectiveness in the organization.

Employee and Organizational Surveys

Organizations striving for continuous improvement need insight into their culture and climate. Surveying helps business owners and executives adapt appropriately to desired changes and to measure changes that occur over time.

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