Leadership Management in Central Ohio

In 1969, Mr. Lou Cummins opened the first LMI office in Columbus. For almost 40 years with LMI, Lou impacted thousands of individuals and businesses in the Central Ohio area.

During his time with LMI there were other partners who joined LMI and helped carry the power of LMI into Central Ohio.

In 2003, Mr. Michael Diercks took over as the Managing Director and owner of the LMI franchise in Columbus. Since then, he has grown the firm through attracting the some of the finest leaders in the community, serving hundreds of businesses and leaders.

Our Mission, Purpose & Vision


Help every client achieve measurable results toward their goals and make progress toward reaching their full potential.


Partner with progressive leaders and organizations and develop leaders and organizations to their full potential.


To be the premier Leadership Development Firm in Central Ohio


Michael Diercks, Managing Director and Owner

Michael Diercks has worked with many organizations to build stronger leaders and teams. These companies include large corporate organizations such as GM, EDS and RR Donnelley and Sons, as well as privately held firms.

Michael has worked with hundreds of CEOs, business owners and company presidents. In addition, he has been published in a variety of business periodicals and is a sought after speaker on leadership, change and personal power!

Michael is known for his ability to lead teams and individuals through transformational and dramatic change that brings lasting results.


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