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Discover the transforming power of LMI's unique process

Want to get out of a rut? Increase productivity - personally and professionally? Ever want to stop "trying" and start "doing"?

Many of our clients begin their LMI relationship through the Executive Showcase, a risk-free opportunity to experience our unparalleled development process. The Showcase allows you to see how we create positive behavioral changes that guarantee results. That way, you can make an informed decision about how the process can benefit your entire organization.

We invite you and one of your key executives to experience our process first-hand. The Executive Showcase is a group conference made up of top executives from several organizations.

“ The LMI process has the infinite ability to raise your game by holding yourself more accountable. The process won't let you give yourself a reason to lose yourself to apathy and ineffectiveness. By taking this course, I saw it impact my bottom line, in both my business as well as personal relationships. The LMI approach is a real "Get off your duff" methodology and it works! Thanks for everything! “ -Derek Atchley, Owner (Atchley Graphics)

You will develop your "Slight Edge" in performance around the following topics:

  • - Getting more done in a day
  • - Making communication productive
  • - Laser focus on high priorities
  • - Building your key personnel to get more done
  • - Improving teamwork to achieve more results

**Each Executive Showcase is limited to 10 seats only

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