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“ Michael was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I learned a lot from him and LMI's Effective Leadership Development course he taught. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting more insight as to how to improve as a professional leader and improve your company results.-Ryan (General Manager)
“ Our partnership with Michael and LMI has brought renewed ownership to my team. It is ‘our vision’ that drives the future. This has netted increased enthusiasm and a huge jump in productivity and creativity. I can truly say our partnership has quickly paid for itself in bottom-line results!-Deborah (Owner)
“ We’ve exploited areas of our business which were underutilized, generating and increase of over %15 in additional sales revenue. This is a direct result of our partnership with LMI of Columbus. We will continue using this focused and structured process to achieve greater results. “ -David (President)

“ Working with Mike and the LMI process, our on-time allocation improved over 66% in less than 4 months and quality improved along with inventory turns. We are actively reviewing the on-time allocation each month with the CEO and continue to maintain the 98% attainment. What is even more exciting is that the overall on-time shipment has increased and stayed above 90% since we started with LMI. Thanks for all you help. “ -Karen (COO)
“ Working with Mike and the LMI process, our customer service department has reduced our service cancellations by over 50% and generated an additional $12,000 per month revenue! Our commercial division raised their service calls by 24% and reduced “no money” trips by 12%-Earnie (Division Director)
“ Mike and the LMI system really opened my eyes to small processes within my personal as well as my professional life that make for big changes and positive results. “ -Darryl (Sales Manager)
“ Michael and the LMI system has been an outstanding asset to our companies overall Leadership Development initiative. From the outset they have been creative in planning and implementing learning programs for our team. The results are wonderful and the team has enjoyed the experience “ -Scott (Owner)
“ Mike has the infinite ability to get you to hold yourself more accountable to yourself and your business. He won't let you give yourself a reason to loose yourself to apathy and ineffectiveness. By going through the LMI course and following it, you will notice it in the bottom line, in your business as well as personal relationships. His approach to business is a real 'Get off your ass' methodology and it works! Thanks for everything! “ -Derek (CEO)

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