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Enhancing Focus

Leadership Management Institute of Columbus works with businesses, departments and individuals to develop strategy, planning, goal setting.

We provide planning and goal setting services in three areas:

Retreat or On-Site Meeting Facilitation

Successful organizations take time to reflect on accomplishments, enjoy successes and crystallize the future. Leadership needs time away to refine the purpose of the organization, key strategies, optimum structure, and establish the right people in the right roles for the organization to succeed.

LMI Planning and Results Management process is
foundational to a company’s overall success.

Organizational / Department Planning
Translating strategy into goals coupled with a results management process allows an organization to develop the discipline of success on a daily basis. Results rise when everyone is working in concert toward common objectives.
LMI Goal Planning System engages the whole
organization into a planning process that delivers results.

Individual Goal Planning
Every individual has tremendous potential that has yet to be realized. Goal setting and achieving is the only proven process that taps into potential and achieves results in every area of life.
LMI Wheel of Life goal process allows
individuals to turn their dreams into reality.

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