Money Back Guarantee

Do you think improving your leadership performance or one of your key leaders could be valuable to your company’s profitability?

We think so…

Because we so strongly believe in the proven processes and training we provide, we offer a written money back guarantee that essentially eliminates the risk.

We want to make sure that you and your organization realize lasting and measurable results from your training investment.

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So what's the "catch?", you might ask.

We use the time-proven xLMI Behavior Change Process that aligns behavior changes to individual and organizational objectives. This greatly increases and sustains retention. After our program's conclusion, we recommend follow-up methods to keep the results alive. Many of these follow-up methods may be carried-out internally or you may choose to have our ongoing support.

  • You must participate!
  • You must attend (make up sessions are allowed)
  • You must use the tools in the office or work environment
  • We will help you track the results to document the ROI

If you still don't believe it or have more questions about our "Money Back Guarantee", please call 614-937-1018!

"Guaranteed results or your money back”

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